Yep, it's finally rolled out!
I threatened to start using my sexier life stories (as seen in the "Dirty Undies" tab above) in a line of "erotica" (what we called "smut" back home) and now it's for real. And about as real as it gets: "Reality TV" approach to hot tales. I invite you to read the Undies memoir and the southern erotica books as well. Just click on the pictures here to see my ebooks.

Books, pics, and lingerie

There are more titles on the way, including one you might have heard nasty rumors about: my memoir of beauty pageants, modeling, lingerie modeling, nude modeling, and even worse. It's called "Dirty Undies" and it's by no means a cover-up, mentions the unmentionables.

I'm also wrapping up the first in a fiction series starring Rica, a killer, butt-kicking investigator. That one is fighting with publishers, but it'll be long before you know it. As will the long-awaited completion of my "TreeTops" serial, in ebook and book format. Can you stand it?

I'm going to have a gallery of lingerie here, and pay visual tribute to some of my old sisters from the modeling trenches. And a place where you can upload your worst boyfriend stories, so I can include the really rotten ones in future editions.

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Yes, you sick little hussies: this is the book that brought your dilated eyeballs to this page. And well it should, because you are my kind of people. Chick lit lit chicks who aren't having it.

Bad boyfriends, beware. That's all I'm saying here. Other than some choice rationales, attitudes, suggestions, motivators, tricks, and caveats. And, of course, choice of weapons.

This is NOT mindless violence, like so many boyfriends and crybabies are trying to make it out. "Considerations" means thinking things out. It's mindful, like "All Things Considered". But there comes a time when that's done all it can for your mind and the phrases with the buzz become, "Lock and Load" and "Look Out Below".