Sep 20

Diana Dors

I just ran into the name Diana Dors because of a picture of a gorgeous car given to her by a rich old guy from Monaco when she was 17.  Blonde bombshell of English cinema.  Sounded like my kind of girl.  

So I looked her up.  And she was quite the gal.  As you can see, she had a lot of Jayne Mansfield going on.  But don’t get the idea she was any airhead blonde.  She was accepted to high level drama schools at 14 and got medals for her performances.  She was at school on scholarship, but picked up some money on the side by nude modeling.  I can TOTALLY relate to that, needless to say.

And seems she was pretty witty, more like Mae West than Mansfield. Her name was originally Fluck, which (shocker) got changed by the Arthur Rank Organization for her first film.  But I love what she said, “I suppose they were afraid that if my real name Diana Fluck was in lights and one of the lights blew …”

She was cast to play Lady Godiva in a film and announced that she was the first sexy thing to come out of Britain since that Lady had her ride.  A fun kid, is the way it looks.  Maybe too much fun.  She had a way of falling into abortions and getting passed around among men.  For a smart girl, she fell into a common dumb trap–marrying a controlling, pimpish jerk who loaned her around to gain power.  Meanwhile carving out a major reputation of being the Brit gal with Mansfield look and Monroe charisma.

She crossed the Atlantic and had a big launch in Hollywood–which got screwed up by her pimp/hubby punching a photographer at a star-studded party.  But still did some American work, and an affair with Rod Steiger (of all people).

Later in life, she put on enough weight to spoil her internationally lusted-after figure, so she brought out a diet book and exercise tapes.   She died young at 52, or ovary cancer… and had herself laid out in a gold lame gown.

I never heard of Ms. Dors until today, but would have loved to have known her.  She’s as good example as I can think of for why gentlemen with their heads on straight prefer blondes.

By the way, the gorgeous turquoise car was sold in 2012 for $3 million.